An atelier of reflection: Our podcast series

We use our podcasts to explore some of the current issues, trends, challenges and niggles in contemporary early childhood education. We aim to provoke thoughtful and respectful dialogue among colleagues and other professional interested in young children in order to continue to critique our craft.


FREE - FORTNIGHTLY - FRIDAY: Our podcasts are generally released each fortnight on a Friday and offer free access to all.

We use Podbean as our host.

Episode 1:

The rush hours: Reclaiming 11- 2 for young children

In this episode we explore the 11-2 time frame (or thereabouts) in early childhood settings to highlight some of the anxiety and stresses that we may unintentionally expose children to in this part of the day. We ask educators to be mindful of children's relationship with food and to further consider the role of self-regulation. You are welcome to share via the links below!