Seminar Series: Re-imagining Educational Documentation

Level 2 (Intermediate)


Coming again soon near you

Workshop 1

An introduction to Educational Documentaion

Educational documentation is how educators enable children's learning and their own teaching strategies to be visible to others: children, colleagues, families and the community. This first seminar introduces the variety of practices around documentation, what might be missing in current practices and makes specific links to Quality Areas 1 and 5.


Workshop 2

Giving visibility to teaching and learning 

One of the fundamental principles of high quality planning is to ensure that you make your teaching and learning AND children's thinking and learning visible for others to see. This seminar will assist you in identifying the significance of what you and children do together as everyday experiences so that you can share these experiences with others. 


Workshop 3

Expressive languages and children's thinking

We see children's expressive languages as synonymous with Loris Malaguzzi's Hundred Languages of Children. In terms of the Reggio Emilia Educational Project, these are seen as the communication tools children use to make meaning and to share their understandings of the theories that are building about the world around them. 


Workshop 4

Linking documentation and assessment 

With an emphasis on intentional teaching, this seminar will focus on linking educational documentation to outcomes for children to ensure educators, children and families are confident that children have the 21st Century skills, attributes, attitudes and dispositions to embrace the now, and the next stages, in their learning, development and well-being.





Every centre that welcomes children must develop its own perfume of history 

- Tizian Filipini, Pedagogista, Reggio Emilia, 2013 -