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Dr Deborah Harcourt was an invited speaker at the 2015 Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange Conference in Melbourne.

She participated as a panel member on the RED Talks, as well as presenting a paper on Children's Rights.

Deborah has recreated the RED Talk presentation just for you.



A message from our Executive Director

We at APECC offer a range of seminars and workshops that draw upon the provocations offered to us by our colleagues in Reggio Emilia, Italy. We acknowledge that the ideas from Reggio must always move between and across two cultures - the northern Italian town and those who seek to examine these practices and principles in their own settings.


In this way, APECC aspires to support educators and others to examine the particular Reggio Emilia interpretation and experience that we are able to offer through professional learning dialogues, in order for you to be challenged and to seek your own way of contextualising and interpreting these ideas.


We believe that when you engage with the principles of Reggio Emilia you become part of their experience and history - even though it may be at a distance.  We believe that we then must act with respect and reciprocity - letting others look at us and be open to sharing, examining and contesting what high quality early childhood education looks and feels like in another context.


While I have had a long and close relationship with the city of Reggio Emilia - and the opportunity to work closely with the ideas and pedagogical intent of the municipality's infant and toddler centres and preschools - APECC does not purport to represent Reggio Children, or the Loris Malaguzzi Foundation, in any way. We also acknowledge that we are not endorsed or affiliated with these highly respected organisations.


Kindest Regards,

Dr Deborah Harcourt, Executive Director, APECC


We have no face to face events planned at the moment ... we will get back to you soon for any 2023 opportunities.                                                And please take good care of each other!

A beautiful testimonial from Nicole Duncombe, Barefoot ELC

I have been waiting for a professional development opportunity like this for a very long time and it has far exceeded my expectations.  Deborah has a very thorough knowledge and many years experience working with the Principles of Reggio Emilia.  I truly felt that she presented this incredible early childhood philosophy to us in a way that was respectful and did it justice.  As well as developing an insight into how the Principles work in Reggio Emilia, we were also given practical ideas on how to incorporate some of this inspiration into our own early childhood communities. This new learning has assisted me to grow from "loving children" to deeply respecting children and their learning. It has inspired me to reflect on the "beautiful environment" we offer in order to create a "meaningful environment". I would highly recommend that participants attend all seminars in the series if possible, as I found every moment of learning valuable. I found revisiting the key principles each time really helped to consolidate my understanding of these fundamental elements. I am eagerly awaiting the next series.  Thank you Deborah.
Nicole Duncombe, Barefoot Kinder, Queensland