Atelier of Rights

A place of research, dialogue and debate about children's rights in practice

What are children's rights?


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was decreed in 1989 and is seen as the most influential charter in the protection, provision for and participation of children. It is the most ratified Convention in our history, having been signed by every country in the world except the United States. It is designed to assure children of their rights and each country must report its progress on upholding children's rights to the United Nations every four years.


Educators have a moral and ethical obligation to support children in undertanding their rights. The UNCRC is embedded in many educational frameworks including Australia's Early Years Learning Framework. We can help you undertand the UNCRC and what it might mean to your setting in practice.


What is an atelier?


At APECC we are exploring the notion of the atelier as a virtual space - for dialogue and debate - where people can come together to share ideas, practices, challenges and inspirational stories about the ways in which children's rights are being enacted across the world. It is a space for thinking, reflection and critical analysis that enables an opportunity to discuss the important issues with others.


We believe that children's rights does not have a postcode and must be about all children's protection, participation and provisions. 


A 4 year old child offers her consent to be a part of the children's rights project

Children's Rights Education: A professional learning experience for your team


We offer a complete live webinar series that supports educators in working with children's rights education in practice. Supporting the position that many educational frameworks mandate teaching children about their rights, from a holistic and equity point of view, this series examines the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as explores what this might look and feel like in a context where children and adults are working together. This series builds as four x 1 hour webinars that can be offered to teams at intervals relevant to each context.

A more comprehensive online version of this course is available on our Learning Management System