Seminar series: Children's Rights Education - ZOOM seminar series (not our online course)

Level 1 (Foundational)


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This LIVE WEBINAR series recognises that professionals across a wide range of disciplines including education, health, child protection and law work with children and play a significant role in advocating on their behalf. Advocacy for children involves raising the status of children within local, national and international contexts, and increasing their position as social agents and highlighting the accountability of any institution, agency or profession, which affects them. As a close examination on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC, 1989) and its implications for practice, this series will have a particular focus on the participation rights of children, with emphasis given to Indigenous children, children with disabilities and children experiencing marginalisation. Children’s rights will be explored in relation to curriculum, pedagogy and practice. The role of professionals in strengthening understandings of children’s rights will also be included.

Seminar 1

Children as rights holders

This seminar explores the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and what might be meant by the notion of children’s citizenship. We will look at what is known as the 3Ps within the UNCRC, participation, protection and provision rights. In addition, the seminar will examine the broader notion of human rights and where children’s rights sits within that space.

Seminar 2

RIghts in principles and policies

This seminar will explore whether there is a global united understanding of what children's rights are and the historical timeline of the broader rights agenda will be examined. There will be a strong focus on what rights look like in practice with particular emphasis on the idea of  child voice and children's active participation in decision making.


Seminar 3

Children's active participation

This seminar looks closely at professional practice and how an authentic approach to children's active participation can be viewed in a range of professional settings. A range of positive examples of practice will be offered in order for participants to think about change to their own practice, regardless of the setting they are working in.


Seminar 4

Tensions and debates

This seminar will support participants in developing a plan for strategies that contribute to the realisation of rights for all young children in their workplace engagement. Participants will work through a proposal draft that looks at developing (for example) policies, training, regulations, structures, strategies and /or programs that specifically focus on rights of young children.