Engaging with research

Academic Research

As a Professor of Early Childhood, Deborah Harcourt is one of the leading academics in the field of researching with children. She has an extensive publication and conference presentation portfolio in this area. Deborah is the immediate past Chair of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association's Special Interest Group (SIG) on Children's Perspectives in Research and is a member of the European Education Research Association's SIG on Children's Rights. Deborah has written widely on the area of ethical practices and has just completed working with colleagues on a project with 4 and 5 year old children and what it means to be safe as part of a government funded project.


A research project with very young children as co-researchers with Deborah Harcourt (2013)

Research Possibilities

All Levels

Developing Research Capacity

This conversation invites settings to think about developing capability and capacity to engage with research. It might involve developing a research strategy, looking at grant applications or opening collaboration with the research field. We can plan an approach that best suits your context and research inquiry.

Research Supervision

Deborah is a certified Higher Degree Research student supervisor. She would be happy to discuss your research proposal with you.

Research Seminars

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Research Seminars

We can prepare a number of research based seminars to suit your requirements. Most of the research is presented by Dr. Deborah Harcourt and is based on her own work with very young children as co-researchers. Topics such as children’s measurement of the quality of their preschool experiences; how children construct rights; how children see the difference between adults and children; as well as a number of others.