Seminar series: Researching with Children

Level 3 (Advanced)


Please contact Deborah to make your bookings or to discuss your requirements. 


Seminar 1

The children's right project

Researching with children is an emerging field of academic research that is gaining momentum. Deborah is an internationally recognised researcher in this field and is interested in supporting educators in bringing young children's voices in to critical conversations. In this introductory seminar, Deborah will share one of the projects she undertook with four year old children that resulted in the publication of a book by children for adults on children's rights.


Seminar 2

The Phased Approach

Deborah has published widely in the field of researching with children. In this seminar we will look at ways in way you can plan a long term research project with children using a phased approach. Each stage of the project, from design to dissemination will be explored.


Seminar 3

Informed Consent with Children 

This seminar looks at the important ethical aspects of gaining informed consent from children. Deborah is internationally renown for her work in this area and will share a number of ways in which children can be appropriately informed about contributing to critical conversations.


Seminar 4

Planning an Action Research Project

In this seminar, participants will identify a topic to be explored in their setting and will explore ways in which the project could meet the needs and aspirations of the context in which the participants work.