Reconfiguring Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care


This is a signature series of 12 seminars and on site visits across one year that are designed to assist teams of educators. They alternate between a focus on pedagogical practice and professional learning and are relevant for whole staff teams/organisations.


Organisations who wish to change practice with a focus on the principles of Reggio Emilia - and their potential for supporting the frameworks and guidelines offered in early childhood - will find this way of working quite unique. We will explore what this might mean within your own context, through long term systemic change.


Ways of working with individual centres or organisations is done on a case by case basis in order to respond to your own context. 


Reconfiguring quality has had a huge impact in our state and that is all because of the support we were given to re-think our position and redirect our enquiries. I can not say a big enough thank you for the effort you and your team put in to helping us to improve learning for children. Having known you has made me a better leader, educator and person.


- Jody Innes, Centre Director, Adelaide, South Australia -